Good morning everyone!I took the exam last 25th March in Madrid. I took General Training module. I hope to achieve 6,5 in every part, fingers crossed!
Do you live in a house or in a flat?
What do you see from your window?
What does your house look like?
What amenities do you have in your neighbourhood?
What is your favourite colour? Why?
What colour is now trendy in Spain?
What colour does your friends usually wear?
Is there any colour to avoid? Why?
Dou you like the same colours now than you liked when you were a child?
Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?
Would you like to become a celebrity?
Dou you like celebrity programmes?
Do celebrities influence children and teenagers? Who are their models?
Have you ever known a celebrity face-to-face?
Describe a place where you like doing sport?
You should say:
– What does it look like?
– Why do you like it?
– How often do you go there?
– What facilities does it have?
Dou you go there with your friends?
Is it worth to organise sporting events?
Is Madrid prepared to host the Olympic Games?
Is it good to borrow money to organise a sporting event?
Has Barcelona changed a lot since the 1992 Olympic Games?
Does sporting events improve the international relations among countries?
Why is our society so competitive nowadays?
One friend will stay at your home while you are on holidays? Send him a letter. You must:
– Tell something about your flat.
– Give him some practical information while he is there.
– Explain him what to do in case he has any problem.
Begin your letter with:
It is often said that governments spend too much money in projects to protect wildlife, while there are other problems that are more important? Dou you agree or disagree?


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