Hello,Test type: academic
date: 13-08-2016
writing task 2 : employers give more importance to social skills compared to good qualification. do you agree or disagree that good qualification should be as important as social skills
writing task 1 : number of new car sales in australia for month april in the year 1994,2001 and 2013.
3 pie charts comprising of sedan,SUV’s and other. Units were in numbers and percentage.
Firstly i would i like to thank you for your very useful and helpful lessons, it was my badluck i found about your videos and blog in last days in exams. well i tried my best.
started with task 2 completed it successfully but ran out of time in task1 messed it a bit although was able to make more than 150 words. wish i had seen ur advance lessons, np there is always next time)
got speaking on 16th
Thank you once again Atul & best wishes


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