Hi Atul,Firstly , I would like to thank for Your effort and the work you are doing. I really appreciate that. I had took my exam recently . Here are the few questions.
writing task 1: 3 pie charts were given regarding sales of three different cars over 9 years an asked to explain
writing task 2: Many people are now focusing on Social skills along with the good qualification. Do you agree or disagree? please explain with relevant example.
1) what do you do?
2) why you chose that profession?
3)Do what you do in weekends?
4) whats your next weekend plans?
5)what do you think about deadlines ? Are they really useful to the people ? if yes why?
6)which type of sounds you like and type of sounds you dislike?
7)do you like to work in noisy environment or calm environment ? reason?
8)time management is really a good concept ?
9)did you haad any change when you wake up early?
10)what do you think exact time for wakeup and why
11)give some reasons why time management is must?
These are the questions i was asked in speaking and writing test.


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