Hi! I took the exam yesterday (18 June) in Porto. It was the academic module. I share what I remember to help:Writing
The first task was a graph giving information about annual immigration in Usa, Australia and Canada from 1990 to 2001.
Task 2 asked to discuss both sides and give our opinion about governments being responsible for health and education or not.
The first text was about media literacy and children development
The second discussed contributions of amateurs to science and the study of space
The last one was about New Zealand women sewing, crafts and Arts – I don’t remember exactly
Someone giving information about the conference room and other facilities in a hotel – and about dinner options, days and entretainment
The conversation between a boy that wanted to change his course and, maybe, a pedagogical adviser of his university to help him improve his studies before trying to change it.
A woman taking about 4 paths and its characteristics
A woman giving information about a park to label its map
A lecture about textil industry in the UK
What I do
What I like the most in my course
If my course is what I expected it to be
What is different
If I like to stay at home
If the time I spend at home have changed since I was a child
If I want to spend more time at home in the future
Part 2 was to describe a holiday I had
Part 3 was about it:
the vantages and disadvantages of a long holiday
If employers can see benefits of their employees going on holidays
Why I think it is dificult to some people to go on holidays
If I think people should have more holidays
I hope it can help other IELTS takes. Than you, Atul, for your help.


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