Hi Atul,Thank you for the extensive help you are offering on IELTS.
I took IELTS Academic on 28/05/2016 in Bahrain.
I got my scores – L7, R7.5, S7.5, W6. This is the second time I am taking the test. Previous test scores L6.5, R8.5, S7, W6.5.
As always, it happens with everyone the writing score will always be less.
This time, the writing task 1 had a new addition.
It was the diagram task, I have seen a lot of diagram tasks and also the one you have described recently.
This task had 2 diagrams, first diagram is a rectangular area of a factory surrounded on all 4 sides by roads. Lot of factory related buildings inside, in all directions (NEWS). Second diagram is the same rectangular plot with 4 roads but the whole factory area has been demolished and rebuilt with lot of residential buildings in all directions (no common building from the previous diagram).
Usually, in the previous diagram tasks, there is upgrading in the diagram so you have to write only the additional developments in the second diagram. I spent a lot of time in this task (30 mins) explaining all the buildings in both the diagrams (as it was new I was not prepared for this). Word count was more and it ate up my task 2 time also. Next time I will attempt task 2 first then task 1.
Hope you will describe one such diagram task.
Task 2 was about crime – showing violent crimes in media has led to an increase in crime – how far do you agree (not the exact words).
Speaking – cue card – describe a thing which has been given to you from your older generation. (I described about an idol of god going on from generations – cooked up story).
Speaking without um’s and ah’s will easily get band score 7. For this, you need flow of thoughts, flow of thoughts come from cooked up stories and not from real life stories. Cooked up stories can be from a book, movie, news or anything and you become the character in that story. But the cooked up story should be grammatically correct with good language and vocabulary.
I have purchased one of your advanced IELTS lessons, hope it will help to improve my scores. There is no option to buy all the 3 videos together. If you can make an option to put the required videos in the basket and buy, it will be helpful.


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