Test date: 12 JanuaryLocation: London
Type: Academic
The four parts were quite easy to follow, but just a heads up that Section 2 consisted in complete information provided in a map (in this case, it was the map of the inside of a gym), question that doesn’t come up quite often. I found that part slightly more difficult as I only made another listening practicing with this kind of question.
In overall the three texts were quite easy and one of the questions included also a diagram. One of the parts was quite confusing, with the question-type of completing sentences.
Task 1: Describe a table with information about number of inhabitants that had a computer or mobile phone in 2003 in 6 different countries.
As for me it was quite difficult to answer because it wasn’t barely anything to say about it (it was so easy that I found it difficult!).
Task 2: Something along the lines of “Today, more and more students decide to move to a different country for higher studies. Do you think that the benefits of this outweigh the problems?”
Part 1:
-Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
-How does it look like?
-Do you like to receive visitors?
-Do you prefer to receive visitors or to visit?
-What do you normally do with your visitors?
-Do you have bags?
-Which kind of bags are they?
Part 2:
Describe a place in which you would like to live for a short time. How do you know this place? Have you been there previously? What would you do there?
Part 3:
-What do you think about moving to a different place to work for a short-time?
-Do you think is beneficial for people to work for a short time in a different place?
-Many companies are aware of the cultural problems that this employer mobility could bring and they have start to take some measures. Which methods they should implement?
(I don’t remember exactly all the questions, but the discussion went around which measures companies need to take bearing in mind that they will have workers from abroad)
Good luck to everyone!


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