Hi AtulI had my speaking test for general ielts yesterday.
Part 1
Where do you live
Do you plan to live there in future
What are the interesting things you find there.
Who does the household jobs in your house.
What is that you dislike doing at home
Did you help in the household jobs when you were a child
Do you have dreams, what do you think of it
Do you like to know more about dreams, why?
Part 2
A place where you wish to go that is silent
Which is the place
When you like to go there
How often do you go
What is interesting
Part 3
This was all about silence
Do you think people nowadays prefer a completely silent environment.
Some people listen to music while studying what do you think of it.
Which all are the places you think is silent
Are there more silent places in the past or now
And so on with silence
The cue card was a tough topic for me. All I could think of was library. Though I talked for 2 minutes. I was not able to talk well. Atul, what could be other possible answers for the cue card.
Thank you again for all your help. God bless ☺


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