I had speaking test on 3rd june 2016 in london .first question one was where do you live house or flat
describe your house
do you like flower , where did you used it last time
in your culture is it comman to give flower to each other
have you ever plant any flower ? when and why ? how do you fill about that/
is birhtday celebration quite comman in your country ?
how do you celebrate birthday ?
cue card : tell me something about skill which have you learned at chilhood
where and when you learn that skill
is that skill helping you now ?
folowup question regarding skills
and is it easy to learn skill at chidhood ?
writing academic
4 piecharts with various percentages.
Importe clothing from different countries in USA and JAPAN in two different years 1995 and 2000
2 pie chart for USA
2 pie chart for JAPAN
nowadays people do not communicate with their neighbours
what are the possible reason behind it and give some solution for that .
thay have asked to give relavent example from you knowledge and expierense ?
hey Atul ,
Intially I forgot to write an example in my essay but in last 5 min i realise that so in between 2
paragraph I quikley wrote short example line will it will be allright ? I am bit worried
does it come under incomplete task response ??/
thank you ..


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