General Training11 Feb – Porto Alegre, Brazil
Speaking Test:
Part 1: What part of the country are you from?
Is the city where you live interesting?
What housework do you do around the house?
Is there anything in particular that you dislike doing? Why?
Did you use to help around the house as a child?
why and how can parents teach their children to help?
Do you play any instruments?
Did you use to as a child?
Is it important for parents to motivate their children to play instruments?
How can they do it?
Part 2: Talk about someone who disagreed with you
What happened?
Why did they disagree?
Did you tell them your opinion?
Follow-up question: do you often disagree with people?
Part 3: Why some people have difficulty making decisions?
What makes a good decision-maker?
Is it better to make decisions on your own or in a group?
How can parents teach their children to make decisions?
Task 1 – Write a letter to someone who found your bag and sent it back to you.
– Thank him/her
– Describe how you lost it
– Explain how it was important for you
Task 2 – Some people who fail in school end up being highly successful in life.
Why does this happen? What is the main reason for success?
Thank you very much for all your tips, Atul! They’ve been most helpful! Keep up with the great work!
Also, thank you all who shared your exam questions here. It turns out my speaking test was very similar to one which was posted a day earlier here. I was certainly more prepared for the questions as I had practiced them already!
Keep sharing! ????


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