Hi AtulExamination Date: 11- Feb
Location: Bahrain
Test taken: IELTS
Module: GT
Part 1
Let’s talk about some information related to yourself
1. Tell me about your hometown where do you live?
2. Do you have an idea to move out from where you currently live?
Let’s talk about shoes
1. What do you look for when you buy shoes? Do you buy expensive shoes or comfortable shoes and why?
2. Have you ever bought shoes online?
Part 2
Cue Card Topic
Describe a situation on ” a decision you disagreed with”
i. With whom did you disagree with?
ii. What was the incident?
iii. What was the reason and
iv. The outcome
Part 3
Let’s talk about more general things that are related to what you’ve just spoken about
1. Do you think it’s good to speak out your mind and give your opinion on anything about what you think is right or wrong?
2. Do you think that anyone should be allowed to make their own decisions? (Here I wasn’t clear if it was related to children or adults so I asked the examiner whether it’s related to Children or adults and answered accordingly)
3. Do you think it’s important to get advice in terms of marriage or university education?
4. How do you think is the best way to communicate a decision whether it’s good to communicate the benefits of the decision or how it’s going to affect the individuals?
Writing Task – 01
Write a letter to the Principal of your child’s school asking for a day off for a family event.
1. Describe what’s the family event
2. Why it is important
3. Suggest ways on how you would cover the lessons that will be missed.
Writing Task – 02
In many countries, people buy fewer new things and more second – hand things
1. What do you think is the reason for this?
2. Is it a positive or negative trend?
Note: Atul
I want to thank you for the plethora of useful information you are continuously sharing with students like us. It’s, in fact, a fortune to have free lessons where everything nowadays is at a fee. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved by the students.
This was my second attempt as I had to score 7 in each band. Unfortunately, this time I feel I would go down in reading as it was very tough this time and I ran out of time and there were some distracting factors in the examination hall as well….
However, I did well in my speaking, unlike last time with a bitter examiner not having eye contact. This time the examiner was so nice & I didn’t find the time passing by ????
I felt he was quickly moving towards questions…. but one time while I was speaking he said it’s interesting…. hope this is a good sign ????


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