Hi Atul!Module = GT
Country = Pakistan (Lahore)
I just have finished my IELTS speaking module today on 6th December,2016.Questions are as under:
Part 1:
ID card
where do you live
where you live in your city
will you like to live in the same place ? why
do you read newspaper or magazine ?When and why?
How often you read?
which is first newspaper which you buy?
will printed based newspaper will remain in demand in next 50 years? if yes then why?
(i said there will be always a charm for paper based newspaper and she further asked why?i said its comfortable to read news form paper rather from phone or desktop etc.)
Part-2 : Cue card
describe a change which you observed in your life and is positive in your life
-when the change occurred
-how the change occurred
-how you reacted at that time about the change
-what you feel now about this change.
Part 3: Discussion
Is speed of change is more frequent around you?
what is the impact of the change in our life.is it have a good or bad impact..something like that
what is the impact of science and technology on individual in Pakistan..something like that
is there any -ve impact of this change due to development of science in humane life.
Is family system/structure in pakistan is same as of past?
what is the change?why it is so?
how youngster and elders react to change + one or two more questions.
I am really confused about my performance.I was very nervous and was speaking in fast pace.First part went smoothly ,i just stuck while replying an easy question and may be because of stress level………I am really worried for my 2nd part where i spoke about the job change and its impact on my life.like it helped me to learn new things,new ways of working,meet new people,and how initialy i was not taking it as a significant change.I hope i don’t lose marks in Task Respondance
While for the third part i misunderstood the first discussion question.I discussed that my life dont have so much change and speed of change is slow in my life ..she was kind enough that she repeat her question and then i responed, yes there are lot of changes,more frequent changes…new ways of communication and travelling etc.For rest of the part i answered quickly and timely. and she was used to cut me while i am replying and i have feelings that she don’t like my answers or my answers were irrelevent. like i said families are not so well connected.
I was fluent and used variety of vocabulary like close knitted,well connected ,flexible,adpative ,inevitable,charm,resistant etc… i was fluent but i am worried about my grammer as was nervouse & Task Resondance due to cue card topic and one question which i could not take rightly at that time.
This is my 3rd time i am attmepting IELTS.in my previous attempt i socre L=7.5,R=7.S=7 & W=6.5 wheres i need 7 in all module.I am just hoping to get at least 7 band in this IELTS speaking module.My L,R,W test is on 10th December,2016.


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