Hello Atul,First of all,I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing.I practised from your your website as well as videos during my exam preparation.
Test Date: 26th May,2017
Type of Test: Speaking(General Training)
Q1.What is your Full Name?
Q2.How May I call you?
Q3.Do you work or study?
Q4.What does your job entails?
Q5.How many friends do you have?
Q6.How are friends helpful.
Q7.Would you like to expand your social circle in the future?
Part 2:
Long Turn cue card.
Luckily,I got a question of my interest.
Talk about a cafe you visited recently.
I) When,with whom you’ went & where is it?
II) What type of drinks you ordered?
III) Why you went there?
I spoke at length & covered answers to all questions.
(Follow-up questions)
Are cafe’s good places to have a talk with your friends?
What do you think,What type of people visit cafe’s or restaurants?
Difference between cafe’s & Restaurants?
Would you like to organize a birthday party at home?
Will you call friends to visit ?
Is it necessary to call relatives,Friends at parties?How do they make occassions special?
How much importance do friends hold in your life?
I was having doubt about my answer to the question ,difference between cafe’s & restaurant.I was having a clue to it that cafe’ are meant to have light snacks and some beverages whereas restaurants cater for meals.Don’t know whether answer was convincing or not.But I replied!! That’s what matters,I guess.
Thank you a lot once again.


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