Hi Atul,First of all I would like to thank you for posting such rich and informative IELTS material for all of us. This has helped me immensely.
I took the IELTS General Training exam today.
Here is how my speaking test went.
Part 1.
What is your full name?
Where are you from?
Can you talk about the place where you live currently?
Do you plan to live there in future as well?
Do you ever walk to work?
Can you describe any interesting incident that happened while walking to work?
Where do you prefer to walk?
Part 2.
Can you talk about something which you and your family has had for a long time?
*What is the thing
*Why is that important to you and your family
*What do you plan to do with that in future
Part 3.
Have you ever visited a museum that has paintings? How was your experience?
How do you think museums help in understanding the History?
Do you think technology can help in understanding the history in any way? If yes, how?
Do you think any events from the history can in any way help the present?
Do you think today we care more for material things in life?
Do you think money is important?
In Part 1 & Part 2 I performed faily well. But in part 3, I felt the questions were bit tricky. At least I would have answered better if I had got some time to think. In part 3 I went wrong in 3 instances.
1) I repeated a sentence/ thought.
2) At one point I paused for 2-3 seconds to think.
3) Jumbled a sentence while speaking.


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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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