Hi AtulI am after my L, R and W tests today.
Reading I found very tough more than usual….
There were TRUE, FALSE, NG answers for in Section 1, 3 and end of 4
Matching titles and matching passage were included out of which I found matching passage was quite tough….
Writing Task 01.
Write a letter to a colleague who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accommodation and you think that your accommodation will suit her. ( I can’t exactly remember the exact wording of the question but it gave the same meaning.)
Explain following points
1. Why you are moving from your accommodation?
2. Describe about your accommodation
3. Why you think it will suit your colleague?
Writing Task 02
Most countries allow 18-year Olds to start driving a car. Some say that it is good to allow start driving at the age of 18. Others feel that the age to start driving should be 25. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
(Again this was the whole meaning but cannot remember the exact order of words and exact words that were used in the question papaer)


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