Hi, I want to share my questions:
Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 13-May-2017 GT
speaking questions:
Where are you from
Describe your hometown?
is it a nice place to live?
Do you plan to continue living here in the future?
Do you prefer to have one best friend or many good friends?
Do you plan to know new friends in the future?
Do you use mirror?
do you think mirror can decorate your room?
do you look to yourself in the mirror before buying new cloths ?
Part 2:
Describe an interesting neighbor you have?
who is this?
How you met him?
What kind of person he is ?
and explain why he is interesting?
following questions:
Have you told any one about this neighbor before?
Do you think people don’t know their neighbors in big cities?
Part 3:
Do you think national communities are important?
Some people are proud of their country, do you think this is something big?
Do you think in the future, national will be more important?
I think part 3 i s a little bit difficult and I didn’t expect that.
However, I think I did well in general not only in speaking but in all skills may be the writing won’t be good because I had some spelling mistakes in Task 1
here are some of my mistakes:
* I wrote competetors instead of competitors
* I wrote encouge instead of encourage
* I wrote current movies instead of new release movies
But in general I think I followed your tips and I did great in general


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