first in speaking test usual questions,,,PART 1
your name, place and what you are doing now a days ,,,
what you are doing in free times,,,,
do you like robots,,,
did you loved the movies about robots ??
did you will like it you are sitting in the car and robot is driving it ,,,??
what is the maximum distance you covered through public transport??,,,
what is the situation of public transport in Pakistan??
do you think it will be improved in future……………….

one minute to think about topic about the story of your last travel……..

after telling the story the examinar start asking question about my story i.e do you like country side ??
do you think it is suitable for all age people ….tell me about the advantages of living at country side??
did government should commerciaAtule country side????

it was all my than in listening test a girl is renting motor home,
than in 2nd listening test a boy and girl is talking about the ancient place and
in third the women was presenting some experiment on agriculture…….

first passag the unique kind of ants of newzeland,,,,,
2nd passage about hardcopy machine 3rd passage writer views about book make up your mind………..
yes if some one find the answers or these above question share with me…


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