General Test – 16/02/17Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It was the hardest part, surprisingly! Never have I done one so difficult even on the first part, with answers too close to one another.
I only remember the first part, a man asking for a credit card.
It was OK. Not easy, not difficult, just following the standard.
Part 1
You have bought an item several years ago and now can’t find the same item for sale. Write a letter to the company saying why you want to replace it and more details about it.
Part 2
Some parents think that children’s leisure time should be fulfilled with educational activities. However, some parents find it can put too much pressure into kids. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.
Part 1
Which part of the country do you live?
How often do you look at the mirror?
Do you think mirrors are good decoration objects?
Did you ever buy clothes online?
When you buy shoes, you opt the comfortable or fancy one?
Describe a well paid job that you think you would do well.
What are the most well paid jobs in your country? What are the least? What do you thing it’s important to have in a company for the worker? Do you think that rewarding is a good way to show how important one job is?
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