Hi Atul,I would like to say thank you to you.. I really appreciate your hard work..
You Have Done a great job..Your website has lots of useful materials .
Thanks for your kind support.
I had a speaking test in Australia/Perth IDP center on 09/02/2017.
This is the list of my questions as I can remember:
Q1: Introduce yourself
Q2: What are you doing at the moment, are you working or studying?
Q3: What is your reason for your work or sudy?
Q4: Where do you live? Do you like to stay here or go back to your country?Why?
Q5: Do you like wildlife?When was the last time you came across wild animal?
Q6: what was your reaction?When was that?where did you see wild animal?With whom you were? What was the animal reaction?
Q7: Why people keep animal at their home as a pet or other kinds of animal?
Q8:What is our impacts on wildlife and nature?
I have my writing exam on 11th which I will post later..
Kind Regards


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