Test typeAcademic
Test date
Speaking 9/2/2017
Written 11/2/2017
Test venue: Lagos, Nigeria
Part 1
My Hometown
Interesting place to visit in my hometown
How people relax in my hometown
My profession.
Why did I choose it
Any plan to change my profession in the future.
Cue card
Describe an interesting song you listened to.
Title of song
Where you listen to it
Why the the song is interesting
Part 3
The type of music people in my country love to listen to
Any difference in music people listen to in the past and the present
Which do people prefer, the lyrics of the song or the music.
Why do people listen to music generally
Task 1
Pie chart showing choice of accommodation by Holiday gotask2008.task s in 1988,1998 and 2008.
Task 2
In the past, People often repair broken and damaged items but nowadays, people throw them away easily.
What are the causes of this trend?
What are the problems associated with it?


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