Hi Atul,I had my Speaking test today
Name – Kejal
General module
Test centre – Pune.. date 22/01/17
Part 1
About place where I live, how’s the place?
Do u like staying here?
would u like to continue to stay in future
Abt Indoor game
– which indoor game u play now
– which u were playing wen u wer younger?
Do u think now a days kids spend more time on computer?
Any indoor game u would like to learn ?why ?
Abt Household work(washing clothes, cleaning house)
Which type of household work u do currently?
– u helped ur mother in household work wen u were young?
-do u think children should help in house hold work ?
Part 2
Describe a quite place which u normally visit?
Which is that place?
Where the place is ?
How often u visit?
Why u visit ?
Wen u last visited this place
I spoke abt lakeside…
Part 3
Den she asked me abt other than lake which place do u think is quite?
I said temple.. so again she asked further abt any other place u think??
Don’t u think park is quite place..?? So I replied no coz of children play there so bit noisy
Earlier there were more quite places compare to now?
Many ppl wen they work play some music in background is it helpful? Do u feel Many enjoy this?
What if there is complete silence in the world wat will happen??
End of test.


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