Hello AtulFirst I want to thank you for your correction service. Its exceptional.
I took my IELTS exam on 25th May. Academic module, Pakistan.
Part 1.
Full name
Do you live in a house or an apartment
Do u like it? Why?
Do you want to live there in future?
Do you like fruits?
Did you eat fruits when you were young?
Do u think it is healthy to eat fruits?
Do you like any personality from past?
Have you been to a historical place?
Do you like movies made on historic events?
Do you want to know more about past (i said no i dont think i wana know about history :D)
Part 2
Describe a person you have worked or studied with who is very helpful.
Part 3
Is it more beneficial to work as a team?
What are its disadvantages? Do you think there is just one disadvantage?
Do you think children should be taught about team work before they hit college?
Do you think employees should get more benefits?
Do you think women help women more or men help men more? Why is that?
Writing task 1: two pie charts about students aged from 18 to 25 above choosing to study in Derriford University.
Writing Task 2: in some socities, ot is becoming more common for fathers to stay at home and look after their children while mothers go to work. Why? Is this a pos or neg development?
Atul, i followed a 4 paragraph pattern. In intro i gave my opinion like this: in my opinion i believe that both parents should contribute equally. (Is it fine?)
In body para 1 i wrote that the main reason for this is juvenile delinquency. (I wrote that father has strict nature thats why societies want father to stay at home)
In body Para 2: i started it like this: however, i believe that…. and gave these points (1. Mothers are devoted so fathers cant fulfill this responsibility alone. Both should work yo give better opportunities, both should divide time at home to look after tgeir children)
In conclusion, i again stated the same thing.
I want to know were my ideas relevant? Awaiting your reply.
God bless you Atul ????


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