Hi Atul thanks a million for your valuable website.My exam was on 25th of May 2017
Test Center:Irsafam. Iran
test module :academic
speaking questions:
1.Do you live in house or flat?
What kind of house do you want to have in future?
What kind of jewllery do you have?
Have you ever bought jewllery for some one?
Part2: What was the most important invention?
Part3: How often do you send email?
some people think wheel was the most important invention in the world.what do you think?
Do you think robots will teach instead of teachers in future?
When do human beings try to invent new things?
It was about a mysterious lake , grapefruits and bitterness and laughing .
Writing was pie charts about differant age groups of student who had different reasons for choosing Derriford University.
And task 2 writing: it is becoming comman that fathers take care of children at home and mothers earn money. What are the negative or positive effects?


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