Name: Ashiq AliTest: IELTS Academic
Category: Speaking
Test Date: 18 May, 2016
Test Location: Shanghai, China
Part 01:
Are you planning to live in Shanghai for long?
No not really, I am graduating this year and most probably I will move to some other country for my PhD.
Where is your university is located in Shanghai?
It is located in Xuhui District. The exact address is 100 Guilin Road. The university is located around a beautiful park, good transportation and close to marts like Carrefour and Walmart.
So do you live on campus or off campus?
I live in the University Dormitory, which is not very far from my department. It only takes 4 minutes by foot and I am in my department.
How is the transportation system around the place you live?
The transportation system is amazing. 500 meters from the gate of my dormitory I find the Bus Stop. And if we walk another 200 meters I find Subway Line 12 which gives me access to whole Shanghai.
Part 02: (I assume I was given 40-45 seconds to prepare and 90 seconds maximum to talk)
Situation where you were angry
1. What was the situation
2. Where was the situation
3. Who was there
4. What did you do
Part 03: (Questions opposite to the Part 02)
As a child did you often go out to play?
Answer: Yes, my parents were very strict about this. They encouraged me and my siblings to spend at least 2-3 hours in the evening for outdoor activities.
Which game you were introduced to?
Answer: Like many children of my country I also started playing cricket. However as I grew up, my preferences tilted more toward football or you can say it soccer as well.
Will you also encourage your children to play outdoors?
Yes. Definitely I would prefer my children to play outdoor games as it gives a chance of physical exercise to keep your body up and running.
What do you think of sharing? Should children share their toys?
Answer: Sharing is good habit. I strongly believe in sharing things with other but limited to personal stuff. And children should share their toys. I will give you an example. Let assume we both are 5 years. (I wish with a polite laugh and examiner also laughed). So I have two toys and you have two toys and if we share it makes 4 toys for both of us.
What things should be/should not be shared?
I believe that things apart from your personal things, you can share anything and everything with people you know.
Changes the topic
Do you like Hats?
Answer: Well I really do not like wearing hats. I like my head to be kept open. This way I feel more comfortable and allows my skin of the head to absorb required sunlight.
Do people wear hats in your country?
Pakistan is land of mixed ethnic cultures. In some parts of the country people do wear hats as a part of traditional dress however some parts they don’t.
Is it a fashion to wear hat in your country?
I don’t think so I would agree to it being a fashion. However as mentioned earlier it depends on the region to region. It may be tradition in Karachi but on the same time people from Islamabad may wear it as a fashion.
(Topic Changes again )
In your country do you have festivals celebrated?
Answer: Yes definitely, we celebrate a lot of festivals (with a polite laugh and examiner laughed as well). The main festivals are Eid. Eid-ul-Fitar which we celebrate after the month of Ramadan and second is Eid-ul-Adha which is celebrated after the pilgrimage or the Hajj that Muslims travel to Mecca every year. Apart from these main, there are many small festivals yearly.
Do people wear hats in those festivals?
Answer: Yes people follow the traditions and cultures in such festivals. If hat is the culture than they definitely wear on such festivals.
Do you mind me asking about your country?
Answer: No, not at all. Please go ahead.
Pakistan is an Islamic country, do you think Western Culture is being adopted in your country? (I did not understood, why he asked this question).
Answer: That is a nice question. It is true that the official name of country is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But I must say that it is an Islamic state with enlighten modernization. Also it is now a global world, so cultures, norms and tradition travel and are being adopted across the globe at a fast pace. Giving you an example of my self where you can see me in Western way of dressing, not wearing my traditional dress. So I think yes, the culture which do not opposes the Islamic values is adopted across the country.
Examiner: Ok Ali, that would be all. Thanks for coming.
Me: Thanks for your time Sir. It was pleasure talking to you. Good bye.


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