Hi everyone! appeared in IELTS this afternoon. Academic module. Dhaka, Bangladesh. IDP. Listening: part 1: a telephone conversation about some changes that should be done in bucket of pizza company (fill the gaps, 1 word only).
Part 2: about the a center (multiple choice) and fill the map.
Part 3: a talk of 2 students about the project about renewable sources of energy (multiple choice).
Part 4: a lecture about the art of aboriginal people from Australia (fill the gaps, 1 word only).
Part 1: about robots and children
Part 2: different types of robots and children reaction to those
Part 3: about dolphins and their usage of sponges.
Task 1: Two maps of a city, one from 1950 and other is the current, showing houses, residential blocks, stadium etc that were not there in 1950 but appears in the new developments.
Task 2: some people think that the main responsibility of companies is to look after their employees. Others think that customers. Describe both points of view.
My speaking part is done few days back, mostly asked about teacher-student relationship and small businesses.


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