Hi, thank you Atul for the great work u’re doing here. I took the Ielts test (Academic) on 21/05/16. Can’t quite remember all the questions but here are some of them:Speaking- (part 1): questions on my name, what I do, where i live, whether it’s a house or an apartment, which space I liked most in it, how often I go out…(made a mistake when he asked for my passport. instead of saying “here it is,” i said “here is it.” (first impression)).
part 2: the ish was to describe a recent popular news in my locale. cues included what the news was about, who were most interested in the news and what media were mostly used to transmit/relate this news. The examiner further asked if I too discussed the news.(I misunderstood him here. I didnt really get the the question and so told him I hadn’t talked about it with anyone else. His countenance showed i had answered wrongly and I quickly changed my answer and said that i too was involved in the hype and talked about it as much as any other interested person). he also asked questions regarding the use of the internet to spread news. If local news are more readily available on the internet or dailies. if my community had any newspaper that carries its local news.
part 3: Really strange questions regarding national identity. asked what i understood of national identity. ways of maintaining a national identity. said people are clamouring for globalisation and that the issue of national identity should be done with and asked what i thought(i said that while that may seem cool, it had demerits. for example, given the existence of such things like racism, these ones who suffer this prejudice still need smaller groups where they tend to celebrate one another. the examiner quickly cut in and didnt allow me to speak further on it. Could the talk of racism have caused that?)
writing-task 1: there were two charts showing the percentage of students in full-time and part-time education at a university in Australia. the first was for males and the second for females. they were in different age groups(15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30+)
task 2: some people are suggesting that those under 18 years should be educated rather than punished for committing crimes. give ur opinion on this issue.
listening: first part was a discussion between a man and a hotel agent. he was tryna book a room, the second part was the description and labeling of a culinary room, the next was a discussion between two people on bees and their types and features. cant remember the fourth
cant quite remember what the passages had but i rmbr the first was on marketing strategies, the next talked about early men and their history(homo …) and another lengthy passage.
hope this suffices.


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