Hello there! I’d like to share my experience of taking the IELTS.
My speaking test was conducted a couple of days before the LRW test. My speaking part had questions related to the following topics:
Study / Work
Household works / chores – especially about helping parents.
Robotics – Robots as car drivers , would you like to have one to help you?
Part 2 – favorite book that you read.
– when you read it
– what was the book about
– did you enjoy it
would you like to read it again in the future?
part 3 – Reading and Literature.
Reading habits , books , books vs films , literature , how literature study can help one in his future, how can one decide what he wants to study.
There was a lot of focus on literature. I really din’t understand why though.
My LRW test was today ( 3rd june 2017 )
Listening: was quite easy i can say. there are just a few questions / answers that i’m not sure of whether they are correct or not.
Reading: To be honest, i was really worried about the reading section as i was finding the matching headings really tough. Luckily, there weren’t any of the matching heading questions in my reading test. there were just 4 questions related to classification ( which statement belongs to which paragraph )
Writing: Task 1 showed 2 different diagrams
Diagram one: Existing civic centre
Diagram two: Proposed changes to that particular civic centre.
Question was stating that a local council proposed few changes to the civic centre and we had to report the same.
It was fairly easy as there were less changes to already existing things and more additions to talk about.
Task 2: Related to work life.
Q: Few countries have introduced a new law to restrict the number of hours an employer can ask his employee to work.
Why do you think this decision has been taken?
do you think it’s a positive or a negative change?
It was quite easy as well. Because we can speak a lot on restricting the number of working hours. I had 2 main points ; Mental ability / stress and Social life. Considering these 2 , i wrote in favor of the decision made and conveyed strongly that it is for a positive and better future.
Good day! ????


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