General Training- Muscat, Oman07/04/2017: Speaking
Do you work or study?
Do you live in a house or an apartment?
What do you see from your window?
What do you like to do during holidays? Do you like to stay at home or like to travel?
What is the best holiday you had?
Tell me about a celebrity in your country whom you like?
Another question based on my answer to the previous question.
Cue card: Describe a wild animal you encountered.
Where did you meet the animal?
Who was with you?
What the animal was doing?
Follow up:
Are zoos popular in your country?
(After my answer) Why do you say that the national zoo is not up to standards?
Are zoos important in animal conservation?
Do animals or the local community benefit more by having places like Safari parks in your country?
08/04/2017: L/R/W
Writing task 1:
You have been received a document which has to be translated. One of your friends can do that.
Write a letter to your friend.
State how important the document to you.
State why you need it translated immediately.
Tell your friend how you are going to send the document.
Writing task 2:
Today’s children are not as fit and healthy as children early days. What are the causes? Give solutions.


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