Hi Atul,I gave my test on 26th June in Australia.Main questions from each modules are as mentioned below:
What is your full name?
Where are you from?
Where are you currently living?
How is the transport system at the place you are currently living?
Would you like to live there for long term in future?
Do you like walking?
Which places do you walk to usually?
Did you walk to school or your workplace in past?
Has any interesting incident happened while walking ever?
Part 2:
Talk about any interesting tradition in your country.
-When do you celebrate it?
-Who joins the celebrations?
-What do you do?
-How you get to know about this tradition?
Part 3:
Which are the other festivals/traditions you celebrate in your country? Talk about any one.
(I talked about Diwali)
Why people light candles or burn crackers on that day?
Do you think celebrations have changed since your childhood. If yes, how?
Do you think there are any festivals/traditions which will die out in future?
Writing Task 1:
The chart shows the number of employed boys and girls in years 1976 and 2011 in a particular country(I forgot the name)
Spending on healthy lifestyle is better than spending on treatment of illness. To what extent do you agree.
I did my Speaking test well. In Part 2 Speaking I kept on speaking for 2 minutes but after completing I noticed I did not cover the last question in cue card. However, on the whole I used good range of vocabulary and other parts were well answered. I need 8 in Speaking. Will it affect my score?


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