Dear Atul,Thank you so much for your tips and video lessons. My exam questions may be help for other students. the words of question may be differ , but idea is same.
Test Date – 16 February 2017
Type – General
Location – Colombo – Sri Lanka
Speaking part 1
Name/ Hometown/Music
Cue card
Weather condition would you like
Part 3
Regarding weather / cloths for different weather condition/ global warming
I was unable to talk 2 min for cue card and also i feel i am not perform well as i prepared
Reading Test
It is little much easy. but section 3 was difficult( regarding wild animal’s breeding)
Writing Test
Letter for manager of cafe which is in your office , regarding food in not good and other things you like in cafe
Sports mans & women professionals are good players, however there behaviour is on or off when they are playing….
Listening Test
Last year
A ………
( the answer is television) should i write Television or television
I wrote Capital ???? ????


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