Hi,My IELTS Academic took place on 30 of March in Amsterdam.
Listening – two person speaking about camping and places to visit in Sydney, car rental “Your Car” features and client survey, student and lecturer dialog about assignment about economy and advertisement, lecture about an endanger bird – do not remember the name of the species.
Reading – difficult, articles very long – all for 9 paragraphs, I remember only 2:
– about detective’s novels in The UK, then The US, France and overall, history and roots, writers names and titles, main detectives: Holmes in The UK – others in different countries,
– about playing and toys in Europe – The UK, history from medieval times, first mention about a role of play by the philosophers in Greece, parent’s approach to children’s play.
I two charts: line graph and pie chart
-line graph about 5 types sectors and their contribution in billions of dollars to Someland economy from 2005-2009
-pie chart about % of unemployment in these sectors in 2009
I found it very difficult to compare and describe…
II – cause/solution essay about traffic: Nowadays growing traffic creates the real problem for cities. What are causes of this? What are solutions to the problem?
The easiest part of the exam:
part I
– what is your name?
– do you work or are you a student?
– what do you do in your work?
– do you think that you work hard?
– what do you do after coming back from your work?
– dreams – all the question about dreams from this website posted by other students ????
CUE card – tell me about the holiday you have already planned
when/where/with whom are you going there, what activities are you planning to do there?
follow up question – did you tell someone about your plans?
part III
– advantages and disadvantage of tourism for local people,
– growing traffic and pollution caused by tourism,
– when do people in your country mostly go for holiday?
– why?
That is all I remember, hope it will help other students.


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