Hi!I took the IELTS (General) on the 19th of November in Dortmund/ Germany.
Writing part 1: Write a letter to the boss of the company where you will work soon (in a foreign country). Ask him for a job for a family member (why is it the right person for the job?)
Writing part 2: Hotels aren’t the best idea to learn about a country and the people there. Do you agree oder disagree?
Speaking Part 1: Do you work or study? Where are you working? Why have you choose this job? What do you want to work in the future? Do you like chocolate? Why is chocolate so popular? What is your favourite colour?
Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card): If you’ll open a small business, what will it be? (What do you need for this? Why would you open a business like this?)
Speaking part 3: Why close so much small businesses? What could the government do to rescue them? What do you need to be a good boss? Are people born with this or can you learn it? What is better, to learn theoretically or by practice?
My husband took also the IELTS, naturally he had the same topics in the writing part.
His speaking topics/questions:
Part 1: Where do you live? How is your apartment look like? What can you see from your window?
Part 2 (Cue card): For which event did you make preparations? (What was the event like? Which preparation did you do? With whom did you the preparation? Was it helpful?)
Part 3: Are people born with the ability to organize something? How did the behaviour for organisation change in the last 20 years? Have you ever met any celebrities? Would you like to be a famous person?
Atul, we found your website only a few days before our test, but it was very helpful! Thanks a lot!
Now we are very curious about our score! Hopefully it will be high enough!


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