Hi Atul ????I am Zeeshan from Lahore, Pakistan
I just had a speaking test today (7th January, 2017)
and I first got nervous but when I entered the interview room, the examiner (male) welcomed me warmly and asked me in a positive way to be relaxed… then I got peace of my mind…
Let’s move on to the questions he asked:
A variety of questions from different fields were asked:
1. Can u tell me your full name?
2. Are you working somewhere or student?
3. What are you studying?
4.During your graduation, did you make friends?
5. What type of events did you attend during graduation?
SECTION-2____ it was about Cafe (up to 2 minutes)
Describe a “Cafe”you visited recently
where is this cafe located?
What did you like and dislike at cafe?
SECTION-3 (related to section 2)
Do you think people enjoy that cafe?
Which type of people go to cafe?
What does younger people do at cafe?
Which place is better, a Cafe or a restaurant? How?
What do younger people do at cafe?
Do you think that younger people and older people enjoy the cafeteria in same way?
>>About Family Socializing:
What social events do people enjoy in your country?
Do you think it is important to invite every relative/family member to your event? And Why?
What do younger people do in these events and what do older people do?
>> Public Transport
Have you travelled through public transportation? Do you like it?
Do you take Public transport for your work/college? Why not?
How do you think people choose public transport?
Do you see the people will use public transportation more in future of less in future?
>>About journey
How far have you travelled using public transport?
Which things you usually carry while travelling?
Have you ever forgotten something important to carry?


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