Hello Atul!I took the UKVI Academic IELTS on July 28th for Speaking whilst the L, R and W subtests were on July 30th with British Council, Manila Philippines.
Part 1: Where are you from? What are you currently doing, are working or studying? Have you made a handicraft when you were a child? When was that? How was it? What are the importance of these to young children? What are the importance of these arts to the culture?
Part 2: Tell me a story when someone apologized to you. Why did they apologize? When did that happen? Who was it? What did you do when they apologized to you?
Part 3: Is it important to say sorry? Do you think Filipinos always mean what they say? Is it not a good thing to say sorry? (I think she asked this because I mentioned that Filipinos are most of the time apologetic.) Do you think the society now is becoming selfish? What made them selfish? What are the implications of being selfish to people? Do you think selfishness has a good side too?
Writing Task 1:
It was a map showing the difference of a particular street between 1960 and the present year.
Writing Task 2:
Many people say that the gap between the poor and the rich are getting wide, the rich getting richer while the poor getting poorer.
What are the problems resulting to the cause of this and what are the means to address these problems.
Atul, I know for one that the question in task 2 is an open-ended type of question. But my confusion really was the first question. I am not sure if it was asking for the cause of the gap or the problems causing the gap. >.<


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