Hi Atul,Test Date 28/04/2017 Place India
My topics in speaking GT was
1-stress at workplace affects life and health
2- Favourite color,why and its significance in your life
3- Topic from Card “Describe any situation in your life when you were very stressed and how to handled that situations and what are your learning out of that”
Listening Module
Conversion between logistics company’s employees and client.
Conversations between two students regarding opinion on their guest lecturer.
Guided tour of British political art gallery (Map)
Ancient civilisation of South America (lecture)
Reading Module
1-Navigation techniques from ages and instruments like compass
2-Recruitment of interns
3-Learn something new (Headline and True False and NG)
(Advert of various events that offer learning.)
4-Promotion of Public Transport Services among people of London
Writing module
1- letter to your friend who will be visiting next month
Reply with apology that its not possible
Reason why
Suggest alternative
2- Opinion and Suggestion from students regarding adminstration of school, useful? Discusses
In section 2, I made few spelling mistake? How will it impact bit worried
Kind regards


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