IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic

Fresh water has always been a limited resource in some parts of the world. Today, however, growing worldwide demand has made this a global problem.

What are the causes of the increased demand and what measure could governments and individuals take to respond to this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

Since time immemorial, in certain drier parts of the world, fresh water has always been a scarce natural resource. However, in the present time, due to various reasons, scarcity of fresh water has become a global issue. This essay will illustrate some factors contributing to this problem and will also elicit certain steps that can help the national authorities and individuals in controlling this growing demand for natural salt free water.

There are compelling reasons for shortage of fresh water. The main reason is the overpopulation in the metropolitan areas. The global phenomenon of urbanization has lead to the global surge in potable water requirement. Secondly, increased pollution of natural fresh water reserves due to urbanisation and industrialization has compounded this demand. In fact, since the beginning of industrialization, fresh water from rivers and lakes has been increasingly used for manufacturing processes such as chemical reactions, cleaning toxic equipments and so on. Furthermore, in modern times, the growing use of salt free water for activities like recreational swimming, have also catalysed the surge in global water demand. For instance, swimming pools at home, theme parks, and resorts use an avalanche of water. Therefore, water scarcity has risen and is now a global problem.

National authorities, on the other hand, can control this surge by implementing public education schemes regarding controlled water usage. Strict national legislations for preventing natural fresh water reserve pollution are also required. Moreover, government should also set up infrastructure for purification of seawater into saline free water, which will help in meeting the growing requirement of fresh water. A good example is UAE where desalination plants have been used since many years to provide fresh drinking water.

Similarly, public can also contribute towards this noble cause by conserving water and also by limiting their daily household water usage. They should refrain themselves from performing activities that will pollute natural fresh water reserves.

Thus even though, the scarcity of fresh water is a growing global problem, there are various means and methods available, by which both the government and individuals can prevent this from worsening.

Total Words: 373

Task Achievement: 9

Coherence & Cohesion: 9

Lexical resources: 8

Grammar: 8

Overall Score: Band 8.5

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  1. ramy 7 years ago

    very hard to learn

  2. Nahida Akther 7 years ago

    Thanks Atul. It’s really useful to get idea for writing.

  3. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 7 years ago

    Thanks Nahida!

    I’m glad you found it useful.

  4. Kate 6 years ago

    fantastic essay three thumbs up!!

  5. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Thanks Kate!
    Hope your preparation for IELTS is going well.
    Let me know if you need any specific help.

  6. Elshan 6 years ago

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  7. Navi 6 years ago

    Good ideas for the practice. I found it really useful.

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    Glad you found it useful.

    Good luck with IELTS!

  9. Navdeep 6 years ago

    Very helpful for me. I really appreciate it

  10. Liya 6 years ago

    It doesn’t need any explanation of points

  11. PINKESH PARMAR 6 years ago

    is it okay to state what the essay is all about in first paragraph?

  12. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Dear Pinkesh,

    Yes, it is best to paraphrase the topic and state what the essay is about in the intro paragraph.


  13. Meet 6 years ago

    Very nicely organised,pharaphrased,varitey of vocabulary used .

  14. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Dear Meet,

    I’m glad you found it useful. If you need any help with your IELTS preparation ,let me know.

    Good Luck!


  15. Elmira 6 years ago

    Dear Atul,

    Thanks for putting this up. If it’s not a lot to ask, could you please check my essays? I have my general ielts in less than a month and I need to get ready.

    I really appreciate your help.

  16. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Dear Elmira,

    Happy to help you out. Send me an essay on the following topic and I’ll mark it for free.

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  17. Sanjiv kumar 6 years ago

    Very nice job

  18. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Thanks Sanjiv,

    I’m glad you found it useful.

    If you need any specific help with your IELTS prep, feel free to reach out.

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  19. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Very well written, really helpful. Great Job Atul! Thanks.

  20. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 6 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words.

    All the best for your exam!


  21. Preet 6 years ago

    Hello, it’s really helpful for preparing nine band essay as I’m aspiring for the same but I’m facing difficulty in getting feedback as I have no-one who can check and tell me what do I need to improve more. Is there any way that I can get my essays checked?

  22. Annisa Butt 5 years ago

    The essay above gives several points per paragraph that are neither explained, expanded on nor supported. The answer appears to give one single point and then moves onto the next one. However, writing tips from examiners always stress expanding on a single idea in order to acheive 7.5 and above.

    I do not understand how this essay fulfills the requirements for a band 9 score, can you please explain.

  23. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 5 years ago

    Dear Annisa,

    You are absolutely correct. You should extend and support each argument with supporting arguments or examples.

    After reading the essay again, I felt that this student’s essay lacked in that respect. I have expanded some of the main arguments with examples.

    Thanks for bringing it to my notice.


  24. Hosna 5 years ago

    who scored it? how can we be sure that it ACTUALLY got band score 9?

  25. Vishal VK 5 years ago

    It is hard to see but it makes good sense to read it.

  26. Frank 4 years ago

    Sorry to say, but this essay would not get straight 9s. There are unnecessary repetitions, some awkward collocations, at least one grammatical mistake (since many years to provide…). Vocabulary isn’t used with sophistication and flexibility. It would probably get an 8 or an 8.5 at most.

  27. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 4 years ago

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your assessment.

    I have adjusted the score to 8.5.


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