Hi Atul,I took GT yesterday
Date : 29-Apr-2017
Module : GT
Place : INDIA, Chennai
Part 1
Where is ur home town?
Do u like ur hometown?
Will u be planning to go there in future? Why?
Do you love your hometown?
What is famous about your hometown?
Part 2
Cue card : The recent speaker whom you admired?
Who?Where it occurred? Why do u admire?
Part 3
Do u like mirrors?Why?
Does it sound good to have more mirrors in a room?
What do you think about international conferences?
Discussion or conference,Which is better?
Tell me if your country has more public transports?
Do you think if people use more public transport in the future?
It was pretty decent.
Section 1 – telephone convo with travel agency
Section 2 – Flow chart
Section 3,4 – Sentence completion
8 paragraphs of adverts and find the paragraph which has the relevant information
Give appropriate titles for paragraphs – it was bit difficult
T,F,NG questions
Academic conversation about project report- multiple choice question
Last passage was about an animal species and hunting effects
I loved this part a lott.
Title : some people think that school shoul involve students in deciding on how to run the school? Do you agree or disagree?
Share your personal experience with examples.


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