Test date : 17 June 2017Location : Indonesia (Birtish Council)
Module : Academic
– Listening : it was about father who want to book a party for his children (and I forget about the others)
– writing :
Task 1 line graph : the precentage of world population using 5 types of Information and Communication technology (ICT) (mobile/cell phones, broadband, wifi, internet, lupa satu lagi)
Task 2 : adventages and disadvantages of space travel development.
I will take the speaking test tomorrow. Wish me luck


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  1. Andrea 7 years ago

    July 8 academic test, UK
    1. Listening: lady wants a Bday party for the husband, vegetable garden for children, John and professor conversation.
    2. Reading: first is about trams and subways, second is about new Zealand dairy shops, third is about Ptesaurus
    3. Writing: first is about (table with 5 different energy sources) how did.theynmake energy in UK in 3 different years, second is about maintaining public libraries when you can read everything online.
    4. Speaking: house or flat, where do I want to live, about fruits, cooking or baking with them, is it important to eat fruit.. second part: favourite piece of clothing, do u like shopping, why do you think others like to shop together.. reusing old clothing, fashion and industry.

  2. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Andrea. :)

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