Test – GeneralDate – Speaking – 6th and LRW – 7th Jan 2017
Location – Bangalore
Hi Atul,
Below are the details :
Speaking :
Whats your Full Name
Do you live in a house of apartment
What is the view like from your flat
Cue Card:
Describe an incident or situation which made you laugh
– What was the incident
– Where were you at that time
– Who was there along with you
I spoke about a recent FB post about a girl who was was driving a two wheeler with her purse in the front. A Pilion rider on a bike grabs her bag and they move on. The girl leave her scooter and runs behind them. I told that it was a funny situation and anyone who gets into that situation should look for the current resources that they have (like her scooter and chase them instead of running) and also use presence of mind.
I didn't take the 1 minute to make notes but started off and in between she was prompting me to talk. In the initial discussion she kinda stopped me and moved to the next (as was speaking more)
Unable to recollect the exact wording but was something like this “Do you think Comedy shows are good”
In Continuation to that she asked Humor in Media and ads.
Also asked if a funny incident be perceived as same by 2 individuals (somewhat same lines). I did elobrate and at the end concluded by saying that “if I get into a embarassing situation for me it is not funny but for others who are viewing/watching its funny”
Hope this is fine
Writing :
Task 1
Write a letter to a friend who is arriving next month explaining that you are moving from your accomodation and you think that your accomodation will suit him/her.
Explain the following points:
1. Why are you moving from your accomodation?
2. Describe your accomodation
3. Why you think it will suit your friend?
Writing Task 2
Most countries allow 18-Year-Olds to start driving a car. Some say it is good to allow at this age. others think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 Years.
Discuss both the views
Started the same stating “Buying a car has become a need rather than a luxury and with more number of people buying we would see more number of people applying for driving lisences
For former I have mentioned that 18 is a age when they are legally major and get the right to cast vote and in few situations they cant judge properly and overlook “Speed Thrills but Kills” and also mentioned not all are like that. Also based on the trends we see more accidents happening in that age groups. For later part mentioned that people are more matured and will be able to judge properly….etc with an example if we see the trend in the past there were less accidents in this age group as that time buying a car was a luxury and people attained the purchasing power post the age of 25
Ended the passage with a note stating that data has to be collecting and analysed and then arrive at an age which would be best to start driving.
Now sure how much would i sore as I was not used to writing and had few knock offs (due to spelling mistakes)
7 paragraphs about Coco beans and questions around which passage did it reflect
dont remember the others
Section 1 – Gym membership i guess
Section 2 – Map of park near the Beach/Sea
Section 3 – Students talking about a particular course at 2 universities
Few tips for the test takers:
Listening – Take all the Practice from the book sent by the Team(in my case IDP) and Cambridge Book – I took more than 15 tests.
Writing – One mistake I did was didnt practice much actually writing. Hence please do practice by writing especially Task 2 as Task I we usually send out emails on regularly at work.
Reading – Read as many practice test possible and apply the tips. Initially I was reading the entire passages but later started applying the ticks and was able to crack the answers easily
Thats all from my end. Keeping my Fingers crossed for the results.


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