Hi Atul,I had my Academic IELTS test 7th and 8th April 2017
UTS in Sydney-Australia
Part 1
-What do you do? Do you work or study?
-What do you study?
-Do you like robots =/ ?
-What remind you about robots in your childhood?
-How often you have dreams and can remember them?
-Dou you like to hear about dreams of people?
-Do you believe in dreams’ meaning?
Part 2
Waiting for a special occasion happens
-What was the special occasion?
-Why did you have to wait for it?
-How you felt about waiting for that?
Part 3
-Do you think people like to wait?
-People were more patient in the past than nowadays?
-What do think is better: be patient or impatient? Why?
-What are the bad things being patient?
Task 1: about 2 pie charts: one about 2004 and another 2009. Ways of transport to move from work to university; by car, train, bus, walking, bicycle…
Task 2: how the companies’ advertisements can influence consumers (type 2: two questions: what are the reasons…? and what to do to protect them?)
Thank you!


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