Venue: Dubai, UAE
Writing Task 1: Map comparison of 3 periods.
Writing Task 2: Some experts say that living in richer countries and earning more to become wealthier does not make the citizens more happier. To what extent do you agree?
(Part 1) Personal questions like where do you live, what makes your place interesting, do you prefer having many friends…
(Part 2) Interesting Speaker, Who is this, What he talks about, Where he talks..
(Part 3) Difference between discussion and talk
What kind of talks are suitable for children
What makes children different from any other listeners
What is the purpose of a conference
What do international conference do in helping the culture sensitivity.
This was my first time taking the IELTS, and I think I messed it up. When there was 20 mins left, I was about to close my essay and suddenly I realized that my essay was not long enough to meet the number of words require. I lacked of approximately 50 words! (That is one paragraph!!) ????
I opted to further expand the ideas I had and add one more paragraph at the latter part of the essay, but unfortunately, I panicked and could not think of anything at all for 5mins! By then, I decided to just proofread the essay I constructed and now I am worrying how much penalty would I get. ..
Speaking was a mess. I think I have answered questions differently the way the examiner is expecting.. For instance, I told him discussion and talk is the same and then his eyes widely opened (as if giving me a hint my answer is wrong).. The silly part was I took my words back and rationalized my stand and speak more as I could.
Still hoping for better results though..


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