Dear Atul and fellow students,Thank you all of you for sharing the advices and questions for the test!
Tips are combination of many experiences.
Every piece of information is crucial to candidates, especially who study on their own at home, like me.
Atul, thank you very much ! I am very grateful to you for offering this website.
Your tips, especially the one on writing task 2 (write your conclusion during the last 5 minutes), have always reminded me so I was able finish my essay on time today.^__^.
9am – 2:30pm
1. Listening (easy)
2. Reading (very hard in the last passage, not enough time to finish)
3. Writing (easy)
4. Speaking (easy, actual time gone faster than practice, examiner manage to lead you to next question so it won’t overrun)
3 Dec 2016
Hong Kong
Task 1
You lost a luggage when you were getting off the train, during a normal business trip. Write a letter to the train company’s Lost Property Department manager about this.
Describe the details of the journey, the lugguage and a solution that you wish the officer do for you.
Task 2
Nowadays some children are showing less respect to adults than in the past.
What cause this problem ?
What can be done ?
Part 1
Do you live in a house or flat ?
What is your favourite room ?
What can you see from the view of window ?
If you could improve one thing in your house, describe it.
Your favourite colour? Why?
Your favourite colour when you were a child ?
Did you change your favourite colour since you’ve grown up ?
What is the colour between you and your friends ? (tricky, just respond naturally)
Do you have a teacher that you liked ?
What makes a teacher popular ? Why ?
Have you ever teached somebody ?
Do you consider becoming a teacher ?
Part 2
Describe a building that you liked or unliked.
– appearance and activity that you can do inside
– location
– reason that you like or unlike
Part 3
What do you think of living in tall building ? you like it ?
Do you think people in the future will continue living in tall buildings?
Why is that, particularly in Hong Kong ?
How can the climate changes affect the contruction of a building ?
Why are people desired to design their own house if they had a chance to do so ? (confusing)
In this last question, I didn’t quite understand what the examiner meaned.
He repeated the question and I started to give answer, he suddenly said “No…”
I continued answering whether I gave a wrong answer or he just personally responded to my statement…
I worry about how this situation would affect my band score ?
Best wishes,


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