Dear Atul,I would like to express my honest gratitude for the help you provide to all of us here!
I appreciate it a lot!
I took IELTS (academic module) yesterday in Germany:
1) Writing 1: A bar graph and two pie charts describing educational level of Glasgow citizens depending on their age category and gender
2) Writing 2: Discussion essay. Some people say art (music, paintings, poetry etc.) can be created by by any human being, while others believe that only people with special abilities can create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
3) Speaking 1:
Do you work or study?
Do your like your work?
Why did you choose your work?
Do you like water activities? Which ones?
Have you ever spent holidays in water? What did you do?
Do you think it is important to learn how to swim? Why?
4) Speaking 2: Describe an advertisement you have seen recently.
Where did you see it?
What was advertised?
What was special about it?
5) Speaking 3:
Do you think that advertisements influence people?
Where do you usually see advertisements?
Do you think there are too many of them?
Are there any regulations about advertisements in your country?
Were you influenced by advertisements in your childhood?
6) Reading:
the first part: ancient cities (True False Not Given, completing the text with words)
the second part: making violins (True False Not Given, choosing the right heading for the paragraphs)
the third part: psychology and multitasking (multiple choice, completing the text with words)
Overall, I found the second part of the reading exam rather difficult (not confident about it), while the rest was alright.
With kind regards,


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