Hi Sir,Please find below my speaking questions yesterday 5-December- 2016
Do you work or study?
Why did you choose this profession?
Describe your hometown?
Tell me about a place that you like in your hometown
Who is the best celeb?
Have you ever met with a celeb face to face?
Do you like to be celeb?
Desribe a time when you had to use imagination:
Where and when
What you did
Was it
What games canimprove the imagination of children ?
Are teacher important to improve children imagination?
Is watching cartoon or reading more inportant to improve imagination for children?
Is a scientist required to use imagination?
What are the professions that require imagination?
Is imagination the most important for companies.
Concerning my performance i did well in part1 and 2 . However in the last 2 answers in part 3 i was very short answering. Will this automatically drop my score below 7?
The questions which professions need imagination: i said advertizing; web designing; actors .
If imagination is the most important for a company: i said it is important to have an innovative and marketibg deoartment but i don t know if it is the most important thing.
Now i regret these two answers as they are not developed well. And i need 7 .


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