Hi,Thanks for the wonderful site Atul.
I appeared for the GT exam on 20th August in Dubai. Here are few questions that I remember.
The place that I live in my home country.
Differences that I feel about my home place few years before and at present
My work and changes from previous methods of work systems and at present
Cue Card: The favorite toy that I played with during my childhood.
What was the toy?
Who bought the toy for me?
When and where I liked to play with the toy?
Before the test, I had spend quite a lot of time preparing different topics, but to be honest, this was a topic that I never dreamed of coming for the exam!! Somehow I managed to answered all the questions, although off the topic at times.
For writing, the same questions as mine are already posted here.
Task 1: You borrowed something from your friend recently and accidently damaged it. Remind your friend about the borrowed item .
Explain how the damage happened.
What you are going to do about this.
Task 2: Some people likes to spend and live at the same area for their whole life, while others prefer to move the area they live very often. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.
Reading: Last passage was about ‘Real Tennis’.
Listening: I do not remember the conversations.
I am aiming for a 7 in all the bands, but the exam was not that easy for me to get the desired scores in all the modules. I have to wait for the results, keeping my fingers crossed.


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