Hi Atul! These are the topics I got during my exam last February 25, 2017, Academic Module. Exam location is in Jeddah, KSA. (NB: these are not the exact words. I only try to write what I remember)
Part 1
-where I live, an apartment or flat.
-the view from my window.
-do I enjoy holidays
-are long holidays important
-do I like chocolates
-did I ever give chocolate as a present to someone
Part 2
Describe a business that you would like to start.
When will u start it
Where will u start the business
Give reasons why u think of putting up that business
Then I was asked with another 2 questions related to this
Part 3.
-what are the employers’ requirements when hiring employees
-then the examiner asked me several questions that are all related to business, employers and employees/workers
It was tough and I was nervous. I stammered ( a lot!) and even has to say I’m sorry maybe thrice and rephrased my answers. But I guess the examiner understood because when I informed her that I’m quite nervous, she said it’s alright.
Part 1 – fill in the blanks. about hotel’s promotion for a holiday trip to a couple and their family members
Part 2 – multiple choice still related to part 1
Part 3 – evolution of umbrella; where, when and how it developed from china to egypt to Rome. This one was quite easy for me even though the recording was a lil bit fast
Reading: I don’t remember the topics anymore. But all the passages were long I didn’t read the actual passages. I moved directly to questions then searched for keywords. I ran out of time at the third reading article I just have to answer according to how I understand the articles.
Part 1 – internet, computer, and broadband ownership in Australia over a ten-year period
Part 2 – some people in some countries received very high salaries. Some people believed it is good for the economy. Others believed that the government must control the salaries and put them in certain levels. Discuss both views and give ur opinion. (Sorry I really don’t remember the exact wordings)
Again, thank u so much Atul. U are heaven sent.


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