Hello once again. Today was the written part of my test.
I think the listening test was really easy. I don’t remember the first part but the second was a talk about how to choose what kind of home to buy, as well as the neighborhood types and such.. The third was a conversation between a teacher and a student about the compulsory modules in the upcoming semester. The last one was a talk on the topic “extreme sports” (history, evolution and what it would be in the future).
One of the passages in the reading test was about the city of Uruk in Mesopotamia, the second passage was about the history of violins and the third was about multitasking and how it affects our brains in a negative way.
Task 1:
A bar chart about the education level of people in Glasgow in 2010 by age groups + two pie charts showing men and women educational level separately.
Task 2:
Some people say everyone can create art, while others argue this is a special ability and we are born with it.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
I hope this is enough. Now waiting for results!
Good luck everybody!


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