First Thank you Atul for your guidelines..☺ Ielts centre-Nepal
Ielts date 12th jan
module: Academic
Task 1:
here is the table of number of mobile and computer user per 1000 people in six different countries in year 2003. compare and summarise the table.
Many people goes abroad for higher studies.Do the advantages outweigh diasdavantage??
Give your opinion.
Listening and reading I couldn’t remember all of it but reading part 3 was quiet tough..
Speaking 13th Jan
-Are you a student or worker?
-Why did you choose this subject?
-What will you be doing after completing your studies?
-How is your hometown?
-What do you like the most about it?
-What do people usually do here?
Cue card: describe a time when you have forget the appointment(e.g..with doctor or friends)
-When was the appointment?
-Why did you forget about the appointment?
-What happened after you forger about it?
-Is business& doctor appointment important or meeting with friendsimportant?what do you think?
-Do you usually remember the appointment?
-What do people usually do to remember appointment? Like any signs?
-Is family history important to know?
Do you think it is benefit to have a goodtalk with your ancestors??
Part1&part3 went well but I am afraid of I was stucked for a moment.
Listening went well too..I am confused for reading.writing was good though task1 didn’t go well as I expected..
Hope for the good result..
Special thanks to you.Atul.. ???? ????


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