Hi Atul, hello everybody.Yesterday, 29th April 2017, I took IELTS Academic module in Egypt.
1- Some lady speaking, over the phone, to a relocation service company employee “Moving agent”. She was moving to Sidney, Austrailia to where her husband was transferred by his employer. The phone call was about finding a flat for the family.
2- A guide showing some students around a political art gallery in a museum. Questions included a map.
3- Conversation between a male and female students about some university project.
4- A lecture about some indigenous people who used to make a certain type of cloth from the skin of a named animal. I can’t recall the names, yet all the previously mentioned elements had names in the lecture.
1- An interesting article about a debate, wich took place in New York in the 1800s, over a whale-oil merchant who refused to pay a certain fish-oil selling tax, as he argued that whales are not fishes. Then the story takes a more scientific turn when the whole thing moved to the court not make a decision regarding the tax issue but in order to find an answer for the question “Is whale a fish?”.
I ‘ve googled it and it turned to be a well-known story in which the main characters were Maurice v. Judd, New york, 1918.
2- An article about seasons and climate and how they’ve changed in England and Austrailia.
3- Can’t remember.
Task 1:
Two line graphs;
The first showed the number of police officers in two big cities (City A and City B) in the years following 2005 and predicted their number up till 2020. Units were measured in thousands.
The second illustrated the number of crimes and forecast them until 2020 for the cities mentioned. Units were measured in millions.
I paraphrased (Big cities) to (Metropolitan cities), the number of police officers into (Count of policemen) and the number of crimes into (Crime rates). Was that correct?
Many say that computers can accurately and rapidly translate languages so, there is no need to learn foreign languages anymore. Give your opinion with reasons.
Part 1:
Work or study?
Why did you choose this job?
Do you consider changing it? Why?
Do you have a bag? Why?
How often do you carry it?
Part 2: cue card
A gift you ‘ve given to somebody?
what was it? Why?
To whom have you given it?
How did they feel about it?
Do people like to receive gifts?
Who likes to receive gifts more, adults or children?
Do people like to buy gifts? Why?
I hope that’d be useful to somebody.


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