Hi Atul,I took my IELTS Exam on 8th of june with Academic module and the test centre was Delhi and my speaking test was today i.e 9th june.
The listening and reading part was quite simple from what i expected it to be. And in writing part
The chart gives information about the percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigratte in a European country with their age and gender from 1995-2005.
In some countries, more parents are educating thier kids in home instead of sending them to school. Do you think the advantage will overweigh the disadvantage?
And in Todays speaking test, i was lucky enough to have got a supporting examiner.
After the introduction she asked me
What is “sunny day”?
What do you feel about sunny day? Why?
What do you like to do on sunny days? Why?
Which one will you prefer, a place with more of sun or a place which is cold?
Describe a situation when a known person cleverly solved a problem?
When it was?
Who he was?
What was the problem?
How he solved?
Do you think you often behave clearly?
What do you think all the children are born clever or they learn to be clever?
What is the role of school in making child clever?
Do you think parents play a role in making their child clever?
Are all the children equally blessed with similar level of intelligence?
Does people in your country use email?
How often you use email?
What do you think email will be used more in future?
What will you prefer sending email or talking over a telephone?
Thank you Atul for your tips and lessons. It was really very helpful.
May God bless you.!!!


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