Hi,I wrote IELTS on 14/01/2017 in Munich, Germany. Below are few questions which I remember.
Test – Academic
Writing :
Part 1 – A line graph displaying the price per kg(of some item) in 4 European countries.
Part 2 – “Nowadays some people are giving more importance to consumer goods in their lives. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development and how do they weigh against each other?”
Part 1 – This was casual – name, background, hometown, work, why I chose that field of work
Part 2 – Cue card : Describe that one special meal you would like to have in near future
– say when you want this
– with whom and where
– why will this be special
Part 3 – Continued on the subject of food and restaurants
a) What do you think about future of restaurant businesses?
b) Apart from food quality, what do you look for in a restaurant? – I answered ambiance, locality etc. He right away asked me what is the meaning of ambiance. So I guess they might check if you really know the meaning or you have just memorized the words.
c) What do you think of the awareness level of food nutrition among public in your country?
d) What is your opinion on Government control over the food eaten by public ( in terms of controlling the nutritional value of the food)
e)Can you think of anything which has revolutionized the food industry of late?
f)Describe any unusual eating place you have visited? What was so unusual about it?


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